Jump - Up / Spacebar
Left/Rght - Left/Right
Action - X
Bomb - C
Fire - S

Jump - A
Left/Right- D-pad
Action - X
Bomb - Y
Fire - B

This is an unfinished demo version of 'Another Place'

I post regularly on tigsource.com in a devlog here:
This and Youtube are probably the two best places to follow the games progress.

I hope this demonstrates the 'feel' of the game as well as the atmosphere.
The more you play, the more you will be engaged. This goes all the way to the weather tower. Find some keys, collect the Fire item, and disable the first boss!

You can play with an Xbox controller or your keyboard.

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel in order for me to be more inspired about this project and finish it. It will also help get it out there to more people. If you want to see this game finished, it's the least you can do the help further that goal :)


Please email me at voxelgamesdevelopment [at] gmail.com for further questions, interviews or more general information.

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